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Patti Smith once said 

Patti Smith once said, “Never let go of that fiery sadness called desire.”

At some point in my pursuit to become a performing musician, I was plagued by the futility in trying to be a bilingual songwriter in this country. Constantly being pushed around by the pragmatist and the romantic in me was utterly exhausting.  Finally, like a Buddhist meditator on the sand, I just sat down in my fiery desire and accepted what my heart truly wanted. And guess what? It was much, much easier for me. People around me also sensed authenticity in my composition, because I had nothing to manufacture. They liked my originals whether or not they understood each word. I realized that I was the one who created the dualism. It was isolating, sisyphean and did evil to my soul. I will practice not to have it anymore. At least with my music. I hope you watch me learn from it.