Just Pray For Me

I was walking on Larkin Street in downtown San Francisco at ten in the evening. At almost every block, panhandlers approached me. With the housing crisis and the continued decline of living quality in a big city like SF, even

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Why they write bad songs

I used to study songwriting 101 very diligently. How-to books frequently pop up in the new book list.  Tons of blogs offer advice every day, some useful and stimulating, some not. I've learned the basic forms of song structures, say,… Read more

Supported belting technique - learn from Bruce Lee

Have you seen Bruce Lee in “Game of Death"? Aside from his charisma, lightening-fast nunchaku technique and his dazzling fashion sense of choosing to wear the yellow jumpsuit, Bruce Lee can also teach singers how to strengthen their voice. 

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Imagine your voice as a feather

Imagine a beautiful swan feather. Put it in your palm, bring it to the level where your mouth is. Blow toward it gently so it leaves your hand and floats in the air, until it lands on the grass.

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How to know when you need to change your voice teacher

I occasionally get requests from someone who used to be another teacher’s student. The person wants to switch teacher and she picked me for a replacement. The reason could be very benign or understandable: Karate schedule changed and the current… Read more

Good posture for sitting & standing performers

Happy New Year! This is the Year of the Horse according to the Chinese calendar. Like a fresh-born foal, I am excited and filled with anticipation (and quite a bit of anxiety). One thing for sure, is that I will… Read more

How to sing with proper breath support

How do you support your singing through breathing? I asked this question to one of my teenage students, Arianna. She is into musical theater, and she is interested in learning how to produce strong tones that can carry to the… Read more