Chie's Music Studio

I teach at my home studio in the East and North Bay, California. Or online. 

I teach voice (piano is for beginners and early intermediate only). 

I also do audition accompaniment. 

My qualifications:

Bachelor Of Arts with Jazz Voice Emphasis from Sonoma State University

College Level Piano Certificate from The Piano Teacher's Guild

Seven years of working intermittently as a music director/rehearsal pianist for local theaters. 

17 years of successful music teaching

Teaching Bio 

I have studied classical piano since the age of 7. Later I graduated from Sonoma State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz voice. I also mastered classical singing techniques by studying with a renowned Soprano, Svetlana Nikitenko, and worked as a classical soloist throughout the Bay Area.

I teach all ages. Little kids are fun, and so are mature adults! I can change my approach and adapt to students' different learning styles. I try very hard not to have a kind of ego that forces people to mold me in my way. I want to project a relaxed, open atmosphere when I teach so that students can talk to me about any issues without fear of judgment. I am also very interested in helping people overcome stage fright. I feel that we should approach the problem from many different angles. There is no one-fits-all when it comes to stage fright.  I want my students to learn to be present while performing and allow mistakes to happen as signs of growth. Sharing music is a profoundly generous act of love. I praise everyone who decided to benefit themselves and others through their courage!

As for voice lessons, my approach is heavily body-based. My students get used to being asked constantly by me, "What are you feeling in your body?" Rather than only analyzing and trying to control through intellectual understanding, I encourage people to be aware of internal physical sensations. I firmly believe that singing with proper body alignment and supportive muscles has long-term benefits beyond the practice of singing. Try not to judge your voice before learning to harmonize with your body. I can help you discover your inner beauty. 

In addition to English, I speak fluent Japanese and am competent in singing multiple languages such as Italian, Latin, French, German, and Spanish. Furthermore, I have a trained ear for singing many other languages. Do you want to sing in Tagalog? In Korean? If you are interested in singing in your native language, I will be excited to learn from you! 

Please use Contact page to inquire about my current rates.

Payment methods: I accept Venmo, Zelle, cash, or checks.